CHEERS  >  My name is Dave Ashdown,

Managing Director at RSL Financial Group,

a leading financial industry sourcing firm

representing WM teams, financial advisors,

key wires and the very best indie BDs & RIAs.

RECORD  > Colgate University graduate

with 30 years experience connecting people,

I've been blessed to help shepherd over $1B AUM in talent & friends to happier days. 


ETHOS  >  Dialogue is king. It makes sense to know the lay of the land. Due diligence is a

slow dance. You know your business; I set a table by the window, you call the shots.

ROLL  >  I provide options, relationships,

discreet introductions, a buffer zone and

run air traffic control so there's no 

interruption in your day-to-day.

ROCK  >  I'm a lifelong musician known as Dashdown and a Consultant for Chicago's

#1 Festival Producer, Star Events.