Capital Lending & Executive Recruiting

I'm Dave Ashdown. I am Colgate University graduate with 30 years experience developing solid B2B relationships, from the music biz to the financial sector. I love what i do and hope I can be an asset to you and your clients. 

I am a Liaison for Capital Avenue Corporation, providing structured financing

with unparalleled capital lending options as well as a financial industry recruiter with   

RSL Financial Group, representing HNW advisors, WM teams, top tier wirehouses & independent broker dealers, nationwide. 

By night, others know me as Dashdown, a life-long musician and the oldest new artist

to perform at SXSW in 2019. I have a couple EP's and a few vids, I also recently made a couple MeTV appearances as a 'rock historian' on Collectors Call with Lisa Whelchel.

Whether signing Paul Stanley of KISS to a Washburn Guitar endorsement, or bringing lending partnerships to fruition, I enjoy playing the match-maker and making new friends in the process. Cheers, Dave